One of the most crucial foundation repairs is proper house leveling service. Because of the softer clay soil that we have here in Houston, TX, many homes wind up shifting or even sink.

How house leveling can help your home is by taking the sunken, lowest areas of your concrete slab and raising them to where the highest points are. That creates a constant unified level, preventing your foundation from breaking.

Houston Foundation Repair is the trusted choice for your Houston foundation repair contractor. Whether your home uses a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam system, we are the best in home leveling services.

If your home has uneven flooring, has visibly tilted, or has even begun dropping down, you need to call us immediately. Let us assist you with better home leveling before it’s too late!


Uneven foundations are usually the culprit when your house develops cracks in drywall and exterior walls. Because the entire building is lopsided, it unevenly distributes its weight and pressure onto the concrete slab.

Although concrete is a durable construction material, it can get overly stressed in specific areas, causing it to warp and break.
Considering your home is on top, you don’t want these problems to go on for too long. When you need fast foundation leveling, you can always depend on us.

We use professional mudjacking tools and equipment, such as hydraulic jacks and concrete insertions. In no time at all, we’ll make your home level once again, preventing future problems.


The process if leveling out your home is a simple one, but it must get handled with care. We pump a concrete mixture underneath the fallen slab, gently raising it back up to full height.

Once it gets raised back up, we then match the surface to the existing concrete. The curing process is relatively fast, and can usually support walking within an hour after installation.

The injected concrete mixture should settle enough within a few days to support the weight of parked cars. Luckily, we won’t need to inconvenience your household for too long when we level your slab back to normal.

When your home needs better leveling services due to sinking foundation slabs, call us and have your house repaired quickly. We offer prompt, affordable service to more Houston homes than any other company around!